Following the broad sweep of history and answering the questions:
What is true?
What is important?
What, now, shall we do?
Biblical Worldview - whatnow2do

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Wholeheartedly Devoted

King Solomon at the dedication of The Temple circa 977 BC: When Solomon had finished praying the benediction prayer and petition to the Lord, he

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When we express God’s Truth, we depress the enemy’s lies. The high and lofty one who lives in eternity, the Holy One, says this: “I

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Playing God

Either we trust God by affirming all His revealed wisdom, or we play God by deciding what He got wrong.

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The Apostles’ Creed

The Apostles’ Creed* originated in an early form (The Old Roman Creed) in the 2nd century AD. It is believed to have taken its present

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Say The Word: Love

Our theme this week is ‘Say The Word’. We have been exploring significant words from the Christian faith. Today we attempt to define love, the

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