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Values Matter. Appearances Not So Much.

It’s about values and beliefs, not appearances or the external optics of race, culture or color.  This concept was brought sharply into focus this week while pondering recent views expressed by Judge Judy and Doctor Ben Carson. 

On the outside these two nationally recognized individuals don’t have much in common.  In one case, personal success came from the legal world.  In the other, from the medical field.  One is a white, Jewish woman, the other a black, Seventh Day Adventist man.  On the outside, these labels fit the stereotypical constituent of the Left.  But this is not about stereotypes.  This is about common sense and fundamental American values.

Or put another way, what are their values and beliefs?  What do they care about?  When their values are compared, Judge Judy and Dr. Carson are strikingly similar.  Both believe strongly in personal responsibility and accountability.  Both are zealous advocates for quality education.  Both love America and, most importantly, both believe that culture is upstream of politics – that our culture has to be turned before the country can recover and thrive again.

Consider some of their words: 

Last week Judge Judy appeared on The Kelly File.  “We must stop accepting mediocrity”.  “It’s not the government’s job to take care of everyone.”  She believes the education system must be fixed.  “The idea that everyone is a winner is ridiculous; it prevents people from wanting to do better.”  See the complete interview here: 

In February Dr. Carson spoke these truths eloquently at the Annual Prayer Breakfast (see our February 10, 2013 post “Speaking Truth To Power”): “Our education system is broken”.  “Education Liberates.”  Political correctness must go”.  “Victimhood is a recipe for failure” and “we must stop accepting excuses” and start “taking personal responsibility”.

 So we ask the question, what now to do?  Refuse to be limited by stereotypes.  Listen to what people say.  Dr. Carson and Judge Judy are very clear.  What matters are values and what we believe.

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