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Hold On Their Baba Looey, or A Test Of Presidential Character, And Of Our Own

Say It Isn’t So.  Trump is a misogynist and should leave the race. Clinton is a two-faced globalist.

We are reminded of Dr. Henry Cloud’s analysis of individuals as either wise, foolish, or evil. See here:

For reference, here is one definition of evil:

“Substantively and descriptively that which is offensive, perverted, or harmful; in the Bible indicative of both natural evil, such as physical disasters, and moral evil, such as deeds against God or one’s neighbor.” (Eerdmmans Bible Dictionary)

It is now clear that not only is one presidential candidate capable of evil, they both are. Alas, two human, imperfect, people.

Nevertheless, this is the choice we have. In the circumstances, our duty is to pick the one who will inflect the least evil on our fellow man. No matter whom you think that is, you have a responsibility to vote for one or the other. To not vote is to vote. We cannot avoid the political reality that not voting for Trump is a vote for Clinton.

What Now 2 Do?

There is still time for either one or both of the candidates to seek forgiveness with humility and contrition. Surely each of them deserves the same grace of a second chance that any one of us would want if we made a mistake. Our test will be to judge fairly, and with Christian love, the sincerity of such contrition.

Be still.


There are still 30 days for the fog to clear.

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