Most of us have spent most of our lives avoiding the people Jesus spent most of His life engaging. It’s Thursday. Quit it.

God Whispers

How do you know if what you are hearing is truly a whisper from God? Run it through these five filters: 1. Is it consistent with the character of God?  God, does it square with who I know You to be? 2. Is it scriptural? (Galatians 5:16-23) 3. Is it wise? 4. Is it in […]

Hear My Song Lord

Hear Your children, Oh Lord we are lifting our praise to You. Let singing like incense now, rise to Your throne. Come dwell in the place hollowed out for Your Spirit. Come make of our praises, Your temple, Your home.

A Musical Endowment

Ever notice how music moves your emotions and your soul? Rock and roll. Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. A great hymn. Some type of music (or more than one) can literally take ahold and move you. Or at the very least provide especial enjoyment. Ever wonder why that is? From an evolutionary standpoint, it makes no sense […]


God has no trouble carrying on conversations with three-year-olds, because three-year-olds have not yet been convinced that they can be their own gods.

On Faithfulness

Know someone who needs God’s saving grace? Not sure what to do? Pray that the Christians around him/her will be faithful to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.


The purpose of prayer is not to bend God to our will, but, as we pray, to align ourselves to His will. Like life and your car, if things aren’t in alignment, there will be unnecessary wear, tear, pain, and cost. So what is the question? What is God’s will here? And then align yourself […]

Faith, Surrender, and Joy

There is a link between faith, surrender, and joy. The deeper one’s walk with Christ, the deeper the joy. Let joy, then, be the barometer of my faithfulness in Christ. When joy ebbs, let me look for an area of my life that is not wholly set apart for Him.

On Life, Love, and Free Speech

Life is suffering.  Love is the desire to see unnecessary suffering ameliorated.  Truth is the handmaiden of love.  So speech must be untrammeled. So that dialogue can take place.  So that we can all humbly learn.  So that truth can serve love. So that suffering can be ameliorated. So that we can all stumble forward toward the […]