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What Now 2 Do: COVID-19 Strategies and Tactics

We wrote Thursday on some strategies to employ that would see us through the challenges of being holed up in the Coronavirus “flattening the curve” experiment. Herewith a summary of those strategies:

1. Rest.

2. Eat Healthy.

3. Physical Hygiene.

4. Mental Hygiene.

5. Exercise.

6. Stay Connected to God and Other People.

7. Practice Joy.

8. Financial Health.

9. Plan.

10. 10-10-10.


OK. OK. The original list only had seven. Where did the other three come from? Financial Health went without saying. The plan one is a bit of a trick – it was buried in the last sentence of the post (“In the meantime, incorporate action-steps from each of these seven strategies into a daily schedule and stick to it”). And in this season of uncertainty and stress, the tenth is a strategy to help us separate the important from the insignificant (don’t all lists have ten?).

Financial Health. Like many of the other strategies, this one is not unique to coping with COVID19. Whether your income is disrupted or not, the massive economic impact in our country is bound to be felt in our pocketbooks. And the stress that comes with it. What 2 do with my landlord? With all my creditors? Enough are the troubles of today. Let it go for today. Tactics for this tomorrow.

Plan. Fail to plan – plan to fail. We’ve all heard this adage, and sometimes we plan but sometimes we don’t. Having a plan adds structure and purpose to each day. It also keeps us out of the stress ditch by keeping us focused.

10-10-10. This is a way to put things in perspective. To figure out what matters. And what doesn’t. Suzy Welch, wife of the late Jack Welch, developed the life-transformingconcept of 10-10-10. When faced with an issue, consider how big a deal it is by putting the consequences of each choice through this filter: How much will this matter:

  • In 10 minutes?
  • In 10 months?
  • In 10 years?

There. Now you have a list of ten key strategies to employ during this time of great uncertainty and social distancing. Fear not. Tactics to follow.

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