What Now 2 Do: Online Christian Studies

We are launching a series of live, online video conference Christian studies. They will focus on three goals:

i) Walking closely with God in this earthly realm;

ii) Being equipped for the Great Commission; and

iii) Preparing for eternal life in the Kingdom of God.

Here then is a smattering of upcoming sessions; order is fluid and others will be added:

1. The Ten Commandments

2. Courageous / Strategies for thriving in a hostile world

3. The Practice Of The Presence of God

4. The 23rd Psalm

5. The Revelation

6. The Lord’s Prayer

7. The Apostle’s Creed

8. Worldview / The ultimate explication of Worldview, and why it is important  

Books and material will be provided before each study begins.

So how will the online studies actually be conducted?  The weekly meetings are in English.  All are welcome no matter how well they speak the language.  We intend to study the material at a pace to allow thorough exploration, that we might learn from each other, and that we might all be better disciples. 

We will meet for 1-1/2 hours each Monday at 7:00PM EDT/EST. It doesn’t matter where you live! We will host via Zoom (until a better alternative surfaces) videoconferencing for these studies – you only need a computer, tablet or smartphone. PS: You do not need a Zoom account.

We hope everyone speaks up but will not pressure participation.  These will be private and confidential meetings.

The Ten Commandments

In the first study we’ll focus on God’s proscription for living in alignment with His Word. Through Moses He gave us ten rules to follow, rules which are key to living a full life this side of eternity. They are foundational to the later teachings of Jesus, and remain relevant in our age to prepare us for eternity.

The framework for this study comes from “Words From the Fire”, a book by Albert Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He primarily uses the English Standard Version of the Bible – but we’ll draw in other versions, interpretations and sources. All of our participants are encouraged to bring forth material!

This study will begin later this month (targeting May 11th or May 18th). The first week will be comprised of an overview and historical perspective. Then we will address one Commandment each week (or extend into additional weeks if the group feels further discussion is appropriate). We’ll close off the series with review and reflection in the context of ‘What Now 2 Do’.

And just to remind you of the 10 Commandments, here they are:

For more information and to register for upcoming studies, contact us at: [email protected]

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