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All humanity is grass, and all its goodness is like the flower of the field….The grass withers, the flowers fade, but the word of our God remains forever. Isaiah 40:6, 8 CSB

We are decamping to A Certain Trumpet for the next 40 days. Fear not. We will return to posting here on October 1st.

In the meantime we pray you do two things:

  1. Read the devotional below.
  2. And then join us for a World altering journey at A Certain Trumpet (

Following is a paraphrased excerpt from A Quiet Place Devotional by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. In it she describes three lists her father made that focused and guided his life. You will want to read this:

“I close this ten-day look at my dad’s legacy by describing a piece of paper I have in my files. Written in my dad’s unmistakable scrawl are three short lists. Written in his early fifties, the first is titled “What are my lifetime goals?” It includes several goals related to his giving, family, personal life, and business – in that order. The second, titled “Next three years,” expresses his desire to get extricated from his business so he could spend more time in direct ministry. The third list, which includes three goals, has this header: “If I knew I were to die in six months …” Little did he know when he made these notes, that in less than three years he would be with the Lord.

As I review these goals, it’s obvious that what mattered most to him was living in light of eternity and in such a way as to advance the kingdom of God. That concern drove him to want to give more rather than accumulate more; it led him to care about the spiritual needs of his family; and it moved him to care deeply about the souls of those who were without Christ.

My dad knew the life-changing power of the gospel in his life, and that moved him to share Christ with anything that moved. In fact, when his longtime friend Dr. Bill Bright passed away (founder of Campus Crusade for Christ), I jested that I hoped the two men wouldn’t be bored in heaven, with nobody to witness to! Lost souls mattered greatly to my dad because he knew what their rejection of Christ was costing them. He saw purpose in every person God brought his way, always alert for opportunities to share the gospel. It’s because eternity mattered to him.

Does it matter to you?

Make it the supreme goal of your life to know Christ and to make Him known. There is no greater legacy. If you knew you were to die in three years – or six months – what would you do? Ask God to shape your goals and to direct your daily decisions, in light of eternity.”

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