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Memo To Self

Memo: To Self
Subject: Infallibility
Date: Today

Every Christian has to decide this question: Is Jesus Christ’s mind infallible, or is the modern Western mind infallible? 

The tendency today is to think ourselves infallible, and the Bible a jumble of the most extraordinary stuff.  Good stuff to be sure, but we cannot be expected to accept all its views.

That means we believe ourselves more likely to be infallible than Jesus Christ. We would repudiate this statement if it were made as a stand alone proposition. But we nevertheless act as if it were true. We take for granted that Jesus Christ’s teachings may be wise but certainly not Truth. We might treat them with respect and reverence, but we do not do anything else with them. We do not carry them out.

For the past three hundred years men have been pointing out how similar Jesus Christ’s teachings are to other good teachings. We have to remember that Christianity, if it is not a supernatural miracle, is a sham. If, on the other hand, it IS a supernatural miracle, the rest of the other good teachings are codswallop.

The arc of God’s providential history has brought us to this marvelous point of clarity.  And decision.  For such a time as this.  Oh that you would choose life.

Adapted From The Highest Good, Oswald Chambers

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