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By the Holy Spirit who dwells within us, guard the good deposit entrusted to you. 2 Timothy 1:14

In April of 458 BC, as Ezra was getting ready to take a group of exiles from Babylon back to Jerusalem, he “set apart twelve of the leading priests” (Ezra 8:24) and handed over to their keeping all the gold, silver, and precious vessels that had been donated for the temple in Jerusalem. He put these gifts into their hands and said, “The silver and the gold are a freewill offering to the Lord God of your fathers. Watch and keep them until you weigh them before the chief of the priests … in the chambers of the house of the Lord” (Ezra 8:28–29 NASB).

Along the several hundred mile journey, these men experienced opposition and struggles, including “ambushes by the way.” But they would look back on their pilgrimage and say, “The hand of our God was on us, and he delivered us” (v 31).

Then came the day when they reached their long-awaited destination and delivered their precious goods to the priests in the temple: “The whole was counted and weighed, and the weight of everything was recorded” (v 34).

We, too, are on a journey. Ours is toward the heavenly Jerusalem. And God has put into our hands precious treasures—the gospel of Christ, the gifts and calling He has given us, the lives of those we are called to serve. We have been charged to watch and steward them carefully.

The road before us is fraught with danger and difficulties, and apart from the hand of God on us on our journey, we could not make it. But the hand of our God is on us. If we trust in Him, He will deliver us from every enemy along the way.

Soon we’ll be at the heavenly temple in the presence of our great High Priest, and oh, the joy, when we hand Him the treasures that were entrusted to our care and say, “Lord, by Your grace it’s all here; it’s all accounted for.”

Feel unequal to your task today? Thank God that He will give you everything required to complete it. Ask Him for grace to be faithful in the journey and to be able to give account with joy on that day when you finally arrive home.

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