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“Western civilization is in a profound state of decadence and ruin. Like Notre-Dame cathedral, it is crumbling. It has lost its reason for being: to show forth and lead others to God.” (Note 1)

Why are societies falling apart? The elemental reason is that we have lost Truth (“Revealed Truth”), and with it the ability to recognize and stand against evil. We haven’t lost control. We are in the process of being disabused of the myth that we were ever in control. (Note 2)

Revealed Truth is laid out for us in three parts. The world around us (nature in all its components from the ant to the outer reaches of the still expanding cosmos), the Word of God (delivered as our owners manual in the Bible), and the life and times of Jesus Christ (His life, ministry, and Resurrection). Taken together these represent the eternal rules of order and right ordained by Heaven itself. They set out the way things work.

Many would have you believe there is no such thing as Truth. That there is only your truth. My truth. His truth. Here is the ultimate problem with the “your truth, my truth” claptrap. If there is no Truth, then nothing is true.

This moral relativism theorem is a doctrinal tenet of the Devil’s Grand Scheme Ministry (“GSM”). It is a lie from the pit of Hell. There is Truth. Truth is an inherent component of Creation. Black and white Truth. Binary Truth. The sun rises in the east Truth. There are two sexes Truth (Note 3). Marriage is between a man and a woman Truth (Note 4).

Without the plumb line of Truth, we are unable to recognize evil and stand against it. At the root of the failure of western society, is the failure of the Church, the Body of Christ, to stand on the eternal rules of order and right embedded in Revealed Truth. And instead sacrifice on the altar of abortion, of same sex marriage, of welfare and government dependence, of trans-sexual ordination. Revealed Truth is designed to help us live together, and ultimately to save us from ourselves. The failure of the Church to remind us of this consistently and regularly is a failure bordering on evil.

There is no standing still or holding your own. Unless opposed, the created order moves inevitably and inexorably from anchored Conservatism (Note 5) to the complete decay of anarchy. The more a society drifts from Truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. For the good of our fellow man we must speak it anyway. To not do so is evil.

Note 1: Cardinal Robert Sarah, Catechism Of The Spiritual Life
Note 2: Barbara Brown Taylor
Note 3: God created them male and female, and blessed them. Genesis 5:2a
Note 4: Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24
Note 5: Culturally and socially.

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