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A Word On The Holy Spirit

House of Jacob, should it be asked, ‘Is the Spirit of the Lord impatient? Are these the things he does?’ Don’t my words bring good to the one who walks uprightly?” Micah 2:7 HCSB

Is that the right reply for you to make, O House of Jacob? Do you think the Spirit of the Lord likes to talk to you so roughly? No! His threats are for your good, to get you on the path again. Micah 2:7 TLB

Here are God’s people, pooh-poohing the words God has given through His prophet Micah. God rebukes the backsliding of the people, and immediately directs their minds to the Spirit of the Lord who can bring them back from their wanderings and cause them to walk worthy of the vocation to which they were called. Restoration comes from the evil spirit being crowded out and removed by the Lord’s good Spirit.

Whenever the church of God declines, one of the most effective ways of reviving her is to preach much truth concerning the Holy Spirit. He is, after all, the breath of the church. Where the Spirit of God is, there is power. If the Spirit is withdrawn, then the vitality of godliness begins to decline, and the energy dies out.

Let us learn from this divine wisdom and, in humble reverence and earnest faith, look to the Spirit of the Lord. If we feel that we are personally backsliding, let us cry out to the Spirit, “Give me life!” If we perceive that any church is growing lukewarm, let it be our prayer that the Holy Spirit may work graciously for its revival. Let us direct the attention of our fellow Christians to the Spirit of God. He alone can make us alive and strengthen the things that remain that are ready to die.

Adapted, Spurgeon Study Bible

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