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I have a failing. I will often refer to someone as a nincompoop. Or a fool. This is both un-Christian and not my judgment to make. It is, in fact, a sin. If I were Catholic, I might say it is only a minor sin. But I am Evangelical and believe that God does not grade sin on a curve. Any grief to the Spirit wounds the heart of God.

But wait a minute you say. There are fools. This is a Biblical truth. True enough. But it is not in my job description to decide who is a fool. Or to grade between different levels of fools.

Are we, then, to simply let fools run loose? That also seems un-Christian-like and a recipe for disaster. The answer is not to tag someone as a nincompoop, but rather to call out their nincompoopery. To challenge and debate foolish ideas or behavior rather to engage in character assassination.

By this shall they know you.

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