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Stipulated: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here (Note 1)

Why does it seem like a great swath of the developed world is descending into chaos at the same time? What sense can be made of this? Is there any satisfying explanation?

We Have Met The Enemy And They Are Us

In America, the country is in thrall to gender fluidity and climate change. The freedom beacon on a hill is moving inexorably to moral and financial bankruptcy, and ultimate dissolution. The question is no longer can the patient be resuscitated, but can the great experiment be started anew? Which will be the first State to leave the Union? The Red Wave that some hoped might provide a stopgap, or even a chance of renewal, did not materialize. Nor would it have resulted in any real solution. But that is not the story.

In Germany, the electorate continues to vote for left leaning politicians who champion the cause of climate change. In a country entirely dependent on industry and manufacturing, and the petrochemicals that fuel it, they legislate wind turbines and shut down the country’s nuclear power generators. And feed the populous the theory that Russian oil will provide a perfectly good bridge between carbon and renewables. And then the entirely foreseeable happens and the bridge collapses.

But there is more. German industry, no longer able to afford or procure energy and inputs for their plants, decamp to China for abundant and inexpensive energy (produced without regard to climate change) and plentiful labor. Taking with them jobs and any semblance of national responsibility. The result? The voters of Germany and their elected representatives’ rail against the companies.

Get that? People vote for governments that promise a carbon free future. They mortgage this future to Russian oil. The rising cost and reduced availability of energy and inputs that foreseeably result from these government policies result in businesses being forced to relocate. And politicians and others then blame the companies, not the flawed policies that led to that result. This only makes sense to Neo-Marxists.

This insanity is not unique to America or Germany. It is repeated daily in countries spanning the globe. The proof is everywhere around us. Virtually every institution of civil society is a practical and utter failure (CDC, FBI, Congress, Parliament, NHS, Bundestag, Brussels, the Church, the academy).

But that is not the story either. The common denominator is the story.

When Government Becomes God

Everything in creation is subject to the eternal Principle of Entropy (see The Second Law of Thermodynamics). The Principle states that, left to its own devices (i.e. without some intervention), all of creation decomposes over time into ever increasing entropy and decay.

The Creator has left us an operator’s manual. Without the application of these Heaven Ordained Rules of Order and Right, creation inevitably and inexorably deteriorates through decay to anarchy. With man-made things, the rate of entropy is exponential, ultimately to the point of spiral. No more so than man-made government.

We have prostituted the Reformation and the Enlightenment, including the relationship of science and reason, on the belief that we can be our own god. We have rejected the principles of Order and Right that are foundational to the Created Order. Simply put, we have attempted to cast out the Creator from His creation. And replace Him with government as god. And the proposed solution when that fails? More and bigger of the same: the Great Reset world government.

Roll this around in your mind. We have abandoned the Heaven ordained rules of Order and Right set out in Creation’s operator’s manual. Here then is the common denominator for the present civilizational chaos. The casting out of God from the equation.

The inescapable result is upon us. Hang on Harvey, you are in for a hell of a ride.

Note 1: Dante’s Divine Comedy, 1320 AD

From The Truth And Evil Series © @whatnow2do

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