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God’s Love Letter

While Allen Cook and his daughter Melissa were renovating a house in New Jersey in 2017, they found a yellowed unopened envelope that had literally fallen between the cracks. It was a love letter dated May 4, 1945, by a woman named Virginia to her husband, Rolf Christoffersen, serving in the Royal Norwegian Navy.

The envelope was marked “Return To Sender.” The letter said, in part, “I love you Rolf, as I love the warm sun.” Allen and Melissa tracked down Rolf, age 96 and a widower, and his son read the letter to him. Virginia’s long-lost love letter reached him at last.

The Bible is God’s love letter to us, not only telling us that He loves us, but showing us what He has done to demonstrate His love.

The late Charles Stanley (1932 – 2023) wrote, “The Bible is God’s love letter to mankind. You may never have thought of it that way. Many people tend to think of the Bible as a rule book or a story book. In reality the Bible is a magnificent love letter in which God tells His children how He longs to care for them and bless them, forgive them and shower them with His mercy.”

Don’t let God’s love letter to you fall between the cracks.

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