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God’s Done Bigger Things

God is the God of the impossible. Don’t believe me? Get your Bible out. I’ll wait.

Go to Acts Chapter 9, the impossible chapter. The transformation of Saul. God does 10 impossible things:

  1. The impossible danger (v 1,2).
  2. The impossible encounter (v 3-9).
  3. The impossible obedience (v 10-19).
  4. The impossible sermon (v 20-22).
  5. The impossible escape (v 23-25).
  6. The impossible introduction (v 26-30).
  7. The impossible peace (v 31).
  8. The impossible step (v 32-35).
  9. The impossible life (v 36-43).
  10. The impossible inclusion of ordinary people.

As Christians, we believe that God can part the Red Sea. We believe that a little shepherd boy can slay a giant. We believe that Jesus would go to the cross and beat the grave. But we are not sure if He can handle our finances. We are not sure if He can heal that relationship. We are not sure if He can fix the impossible thing that we are facing right now.

But the reality is God’s done bigger things (“GDBT”). We have the God of heaven and earth, Creator of the entire universe. Everything that is, was created in, through, and for Him. We believe that. But He is not bigger than this thing? Balderdash. GDBT.

When we don’t embrace an impossible faith, we limit the sovereignty of God. Is your faith in the God of the impossible? The god of the improbable? The god of the manageable? The god of the controllable? Our slippery slope god is no God at all. Because as soon as I get to a god I have created, I stop believing in the God that created me.

GDBT. I’m just saying

Note: Adapted from a message by Pastor Steve Williams of North Pointe Church of Lutz Florida. The entire message can be heard here (message starts at 28”).

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