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Absolute Truth

The buzzword of our time is pluralism, the idea that there’s truth in almost everything and no one thing can make a claim of absolute truth over the other.

Religious pluralism says that if you’re truly loving, you’ll tolerate the false and compromise. Religious beliefs are, after all, personal. Let’s not offend anyone.

But Jesus defied any kind of pluralism when He proclaimed in John 14:6, “No one comes to the Father except through me.” You may be Asian, Spanish, Muslim, or Jewish. It makes no difference. Jesus Christ is the answer to peace in the world, to a right relationship with God, and to a permanent heavenly home for every man and woman. He is The Way. There is no other.

Religions and people have grains of truth. And so, being wiser than God, we rationalize and dismiss. But only Jesus Christ is The Truth. Think about it. If there were another way to God, don’t you think He would have found it?

Adapted from Fixing My Eyes on Jesus, Anne Graham Lotz

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