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Yielding Our Birthright For Pottage /3

We are in a series considering the premise of yielding our birthright for pottage. Of trading freedom and personal responsibility for hand-outs and of government as god. The widespread failure of the institutions of civil society has resulted in a breakdown of governance throughout the West. We are exploring the alternatives to the developing anarchy.

How long can civilization last on its present course? Today, in the third of our series (Note 1), we continue from the ARC conference held in London in October of 2023. Konstantin Kisin, a Russian-born British satirist, writer, political commentator, and co-host of free speech podcast TRIGGERnometry, asks the question How Dare You? Drawing on history, Solzhenitsyn, Columbus, and the foundations of ARC, Kisin brings focus to the importance of audacity, adventure, and courage to a positive vision for our civilization. To a better story.

Note 1: So far in the series we have considered the following:
1. In The Year Of Our Lord an editorial on the eternal significance of Jesus Christ, the light of the world, and our unindentured birthright. See here.
2. Speaking at the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) conference in London, Jonathan Pageau asks and answers the question What Is The Supreme Good? See here.

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