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Avoid Charging Ostriches

If you live in alligator country, you know not to try and outrun an alligator. Over short distances, alligators can reach 30 mph (50 km).

Ostriches are faster than alligators. An ostrich can reach speeds in excess of 40 mph (65 km). And a kick from an ostrich’s leg can hit with an impact of 500 psi, which is enough to kill a human.

It is an evil thing, under any pretext, to depart in any degree from the commandment of the Most High God. Sin begets tolerance which begets sin. The rail diverges but a little where the switches are turned, but before long the branch line is miles away from the main track. The mother of mischief is as small as a gnat’s egg; hatched it is an evil bird larger than an ostrich. If we backslide but a little, we are on the way to utter apostasy. Judges 2:1-15 Adapted, Spurgeon Study Bible.

The moral of this story? You cannot outrun an alligator, an ostrich, or your sin.

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