A Reminder

Christ has regarded my helpless estate, and has shed His own blood for my soul. Selah.

The Christian Hope (1): It’s Not As Good As It’s Going to Get

We live in a Genesis 3 world. Fallen. Evicted from the Garden. Separated from God. But we fear not. We have a Psalm 23 guide, a John 3:16 love, a Romans 1:16 power, and a Revelation 21 future. (2) I’m just saying. #worldview The Christian definition of hope is confident expectation; a firm assurance regarding […]

Desire Unfulfilled

In his book, Mere Christianity, C. S. Lewis writes on desire, and on the nagging sense that some fulfillment could just be fuller: “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world” (Note 1). Lewis goes on […]


Have hope. We are more than sinners saved by grace. We are a new creation in Christ.

Bound In The Bundle Of Life

Abigail to David: “And man riseth to pursue thee and to seek thy soul, and the soul of my lord hath been bound in the bundle of life with Jehovah thy God.” 1 Samuel 25:29 YLT If eternity seems too far away to be of much hope or help to you today, imagine if God’s […]