The Connection Between The Word of God and The Spirit of God

There are some things that always go together. A person and her shadow, two sides of a coin, the blades of scissors, and the Spirit of God with the Word of God. It is the Word of God that establishes God’s will for His creation, and it is the Holy Spirit who enables, illumines, and […]

Do Not Stifle The Spirit

Do not stifle the Holy Spirit. And don’t stifle those who have a word from the Master. Test everything that is said. Hold on to what is good. Throw out anything tainted with evil. 1 Thessalonians 5:19-22 [Adapted] The Word of God tells us there are two ways in which we work at odds with […]


I want you to know how glad I am that it’s me sitting here in this jail and not you. There’s a lot of suffering to be entered into in this world – the kind of suffering Christ takes on. I welcome the chance to take my share in the church’s part of that suffering. […]

Slippery When Wet

I advise you to obey only the Holy Spirit’s instructions. He will tell you where to go and what to do, and then you won’t always be doing the wrong things your evil nature wants you to. Galatians 5:16 TLB He who would not fall down should not walk in slippery places.

Is Your Christian Life Explainable?

We have no right to be believed so long as we can be explained. Adrian Rogers, pastor, 1931 – 2005 Most of our lives are so very explainable. Why? Because we rely on natural, human efforts and energy, abilities and plans, programs and methods. What would happen if God’s people actually put their complete trust […]

Identified With Christ: The Holy Spirit

Identified With Christ: The Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit is the fire of God that ignites us, the breath of God that stirs us, the wind of God that shakes us, the whisper of God that calms us, the life of God that quickens us, the dew of God that refreshes us, the lamp of God that guides us, the voice of […]

The Seventh Sunday, A Sabbath Like No Other

Today marks the 50th day and the 7th sabbath after Christ’s Easter Sunday resurrection.  Pentecost.  The day of the arrival of the Holy Spirit.  A Christian high holy day. The coming of the Spirit was prophesied 800 years before the birth of Jesus: “I will pour out my Spirit on all people.” Joel 2:28 NIV. […]