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You Are Only At 40%; Get Out Of The Saddle

For a cyclist “get out of the saddle” has special meaning. It says, stand up on the pedals and put in that extra effort to sprint up this climb.

As a result of a series of bad personal decisions, the last year has seen my physical wellbeing go downhill. The first bad decision was to not stop at a road crossing while biking. Hit by a truck. Beyond the stupidity and the life threatening risks of it, that decision kept me off the bike for a good part of the past year. The next bad decision was to continue in my gluttony. Make no mistake, not proactively curbing eating habits is an active decision to continue in gluttony.

Among other things I gained 20 pounds. This, combined with the lack of conditioning from regular training, has been more than a little depressing on the well-being front.

We have several event rides this year, the first being the Honor Ride for veterans and first responders in St. Petersburg on February 17th. As a result of my lack of training and poor eating choices, I am woefully out of condition for these rides. So a crash (not literally) training program is in place (awful way to train and so not recommended).

That brings me to yesterday and a planned 50 mile training ride, in hills such as Florida has. 50 miles used to be just another regular ride. But it seemed pretty formidable since it had been over a year since I had even attempted that distance. But had to be done as part of preparation for the 60 mile Honor Ride next weekend.

Mission accomplished. Even finished relatively strong.

Payoff: On this, the day after, I feel markedly physical better. Heading out shortly for a 22 mile recovery ride.

Get out of the saddle. You are only at 40% (1).

(1) See the Navy Seal 40% Rule here:

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