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On the Geniuses Of American Exceptionalism

Cultural “wisdom” is trying to have it that Green New Deal Socialism is infinitely better than the existing Constitutional Republic. That this is false is confirmed by Progressive’s efforts to denigrate and obliterate the history of American Exceptionalism and replace it with a Woke history that America was evil from the outset and white supremacist by design. And by the continuing of their divisive identity politics until the Country is no longer governable.

Much can be said about the prideful and mendacious Woke rewriting of history. It is instructive to consider from whence we arrived at this point. For that we look at a foreign educator and The Framers.

A wise Indian scholar (is there any other kind?) once posited that America’s success was because it had the Bible (i.e. was based on the Judeo-Christian Worldview). And that is true as far as it goes. But there is much more to it.

The American construct acknowledged the reality that man was created by God and endowed with certain inalienable rights. And that civilization works best when those rights and responsibilities are adjudicated  between man and his Maker, rather than man and government. This is the Judeo-Christian Worldview, the bowing to the rules of right and order embedded in Creation.

The entire concept of American democracy is about local control, and civil and individual liberty, accompanied and inseparable from personal responsibility. The Constitution of The United States of America (a Constitutional Republic) was designed to work with an economic system of ordered liberty where, among other things, the risks of consumerism and competition are acknowledged, and are mitigated by a moral culture rather than by regulation of the state. Regulation where absolutely necessary, but not as a default position.

The writers of this blog believe we are passed the point of no return. That the American Experiment is over. History has had its shining city upon a hill and moved on like the proverbial caravan. The loss to the citizens of the Country is one thing. The loss to humanity another. The only question now to be answered is the timing and nature of the unraveling.

Finally, a note on Christianity and Socialism (or, if you prefer, Democratic-Socialism, the ultimate oxymoron). The religion of Socialism, in any of its variants, is antithetical to (Orthodox) Christianity. It is not possible to believe that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant, and infallible Word of God and subscribe to the Progressive Socialist Globalist agenda. The Darwinian Post-Modern Secular worldview is built on false and non-Biblical prescriptions. It bangs around in the pillar to post wilderness between blame the liberty-desiring capitalists and the ever receding horizon of totalitarian promise. Socialism, seeking a government solution for everything, will ultimately cave in on itself, but not before a Jacobin eating of its own (Note 1).

Wait for it.

Note 1: See the French Revolution.

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