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We interrupt our regularly-scheduled programming to bring you this important message. . . .

We had today’s post ready to go this morning. And then God’s Providence broke in. Fear not. Today’s post will run tomorrow.

Herewith today’s homily.

We are a biggly fan of @tarzanajoe ( He is the Poet Laureate of reality. And a darn good rhymer. We encourage you to patronize him, and to tell your friends.

Here is his offering from this morning.

All Loving Is Local

Though I have this sturdy platform
Which I climb on every week
I do on certain issues
Often hesitate to speak

Sure, I’ll take them on with taxes
Or a bit of global warming
And on many other issues
You might call me non-conforming

In fact, there’s quite a lot that
I’ve been willing to opine on
But when it comes racism
That’s one I’ve drawn the line on

It’s not that I’m a bigot
Or hold my freedom cheaply
It’s simply that I understand
A wrong word might hurt deeply

I’ve seen the country struggle
And those struggles seem in vain
I sure don’t want to be a part
Of someone else’s pain

So the instinct is to mumble
Or let other voices speak
I’d call that understandable
But I’d also call that weak

I wish there were no issues
But the issues are quite real
And the only way to deal with them
Is to speak the way you feel

For if you stay with silence
Or hide out with the herds
You leave the future in the hands
Of other, louder words

And because I’ve heard of Jesus
Here’s a truth I’ve understood
To acknowledge we’re imperfect
Doesn’t mean that we’re no good

We are called to love our neighbor
And to find a way to show it
What good is all that loving
If your neighbor doesn’t know it

So speak what’s in your heart of hearts
Take care what words are said
It’s the only way, I’d like to say
We all can move ahead.

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