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If any of you is lacking in wisdom, ask God, who gives to all generously and ungrudgingly, and it will be given you. James 1:5 NRSV

“I am seriously directional challanged. I have virtually no sense of direction. More than once, on leaving a hotel room, I’ve had to ask directions from a hotel employee in the hallway just to find the elevator. Needless to say, I rely heavily on GPS or written instructions to find just about everything.

Finding God’s will regarding our lives, relationships, and responsibilities can be a lot trickier than finding a hotel elevator, a restaurant, or a doctor’s office. That’s another reason for spending time with Him on a regular and consistent basis. No matter how good you may be at finding your way around, you simply cannot find your way through the maze of this life on your own. You need the guidance and direction that can only be found through prayerful intake of His Word, as the Holy Spirit sheds light on the path before you.

Remember, God wants to have an intimate relationship with you. And one of the characteristics of a close friendship is the freedom to solicit counsel on issues that concern you.

I am so grateful to be able to gather ideas from various friends on subjects in which they have experience or expertise that I lack, from household repairs to insurance coverage to ministry hiring and scheduling decisions.

God wants that kind of relationship with you. One where you are quick to seek His wisdom and direction about anything and everything. So during your quiet time, bring your whole life before Him—your schedule, your questions, the challenges and decisions you are facing. Then as you read and meditate on His Word, with your heart tuned and lifted up to Him, wait prayerfully and expectantly for Him to give the direction you need.

What matters are you facing for which you need direction? Lay them before the Lord, immerse yourself in His Word, incline your heart toward Him, and trust Him to direct your steps.”

Adapted from The Quiet Place Devotional, Nancy Leigh DeMoss

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