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Eternal Life, The Revelation

Want to know why I have a sense of urgency? The greater the level of revelation the higher the accountability.

Revealed Truth tells us that both the saved and the lost will partake of the Resurrection; those who are saved unto the resurrection of life, and those who are lost unto the resurrection of damnation. Eternal life in the presence of God. Or eternal life in the certain knowledge of God, but in the hellfire of his permanent and irrevocable absence.

The destinations of the journey are clear. So let us begin with the end in mind. The first step in the journey to eternal life in the presence of God (AKA Heaven), is surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. This is a personal decision between you and God, entirely divorced from whether you believe you are a good person. Or whether you wonder how God might leave this or that group of unbelievers behind. It is solely between you and God. There are no buts. What God elects to do or not do with others is not relevant. You are not God. God is God (Job 1-42).

This is Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, with Eternal ramifications. If you have heard the Good News* the decision is based simply on whether or not you judge it to be true. A decision cannot be made on the basis of what God might or might not do with regard to someone else’s soul. Having all the answers is not a requirement. Just these: Did Jesus live, die, and rise again? Is He today sitting at the right hand of God?

You are one bad left turn from eternity. Or someone else’s bad left turn. God is standing by for your answer.

*The Good News: Christ has regarded your helpless estate and has shed His own blood for your soul.

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