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A Mother’s Influence

Mothers are uniquely gifted and positioned to influence their children. They have a special place in God’s Kingdom.

Today we lift up the mothers amongst us and the mothers we have known in our lifetimes. We give thanks to our Creator for these mothers.

In the Bible we see many mothers in different times and facing different challenges. Eve and Mary are perhaps the best known, and arguably the most significant in our history. Today, however, we wish to draw attention to lesser known Biblical mothers and their influence:

  • Ruth, mother of Obed one of the notable figures in the genealogy of Jesus (Ruth 4:13, 21)
  • Hannah, mother of Samuel, whom God used to anoint King David (1 Samuel 1:20)
  • Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist whom God used to prepare the way for Jesus’s earthly ministry (Luke 1:13)
  • Eunice, mother of Timothy who became one of Paul’s most significant protegees (2 Timothy 1:5)

Read their stories. Reflect on them. There can be no denying the impact of these mothers in God’s Providence.

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