Following the broad sweep of history and answering the questions:
What is true?
What is important?
What, now, shall we do?
Biblical Worldview - whatnow2do

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Holy. Holy. Holy.

On earth as it is in heaven. When you enter church on the Sabbath, the issue is what you will contribute to the symphony for

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A Sabbath Song

It is fitting and proper to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to His name. Nothing is quite like praying God’s Word

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Lift Up Your Pastor

Ways to love your pastor before church: 1. Pray for his heart. 2. Pray for your heart. 3. Resolve to come hungry. 4. Resolve to

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Shabbat Shalom

If we serve Jesus, then every act and thought are acts of worship. Contemplate this as you enter into corporate worship today. And as you

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